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Sports Betting Online: is bet365 legal in Malaysia?

Even though sports betting is legal in Malaysia, it’s not easy to find places that offer this kind of service. This can be frustrating for many people since sports is something Malaysians enjoy watching together and also do live betting on football from time to time.

However, this only adds to the appeal of betting on sports even more, especially if you have limited options within your locality. If you are interested in knowing if is bet365 legal in Malaysia and why sports betting is legal in Malaysia and where you can do it legally, read on for more information.

What is the Law on Sports Betting in Malaysia?

Malaysia has a very complicated gambling law, which is not easy for the common person to understand. The main reason for this is that it is one of the only few countries in Southeast Asia to have legalized gambling.

The main law that relates to gambling in Malaysia was created with the main aim of regulating the online gambling industry, which was extremely unorganized at the time. There are two kinds of gambling that are legal in Malaysia – Remote Gambling and Land-based Gambling.

Why is Sports Betting Legal in Malaysia?

The remote gambling law was created with the main aim to regulate the online gambling industry, which was unorganized and unregulated at the time. It also aims to protect people from being exposed to fraud and other such dangers that are common in the online gambling industry.

Since sports betting was already popular and organized within the Malaysian market, and is bet365 legal in Malaysia, it was deemed to be a legal activity and given special permission to stay within the boundaries of the act.

How To Access Legal Sports Betting Services In Malaysia?

The good news about whether is bet365 legal in Malaysia is that you can bet on sports through an online casino, which is legal. This means that you can visit any of the online casinos that are licensed by the Malaysian government or any other region that has legalized sports betting and live betting on football.

You can find out if the website that you wish to visit if you ask is bet365 legal in Malaysia and is licensed by the Malaysian government by looking at their Terms and Conditions. If the website mentions that it is regulated by the Malaysian Remote Gambling Act, you can rest assured that you are on a legal website to do live betting on football.

Is Online Sports Betting in Malaysia also legal?

Yes, online sports betting is also legal in Malaysia like live betting on football. This is because online sports betting falls under the category of online casinos.

As stated above, online casinos are legal in Malaysia, which also makes online sports betting legal. If you wish to bet legally online, you should use one of the online casinos that are licensed by the Malaysian government. You can find out whether is bet365 legal in Malaysia or if the website is legal or not by checking its terms and conditions.

You can also take a look at the ratings given to the online casinos and the live betting on football events by reputed sports betting rating sites. These websites will give you an idea about the credibility of the casinos and help you pick one that is right for you.

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