fifa world cup

Fifa World Cup: Learn And Explore

The fifa world cup is a four-year international football event. FIFA, the international governing organization of association football, organizes it. The first event of fifa world cup took place in 1930. Since then, its popularity has increased to the point where many believe it to be the world’s largest sports event.

Everything About Fifa World Cup

Today, there are over 200 countries that participate in the fifa world cup, with qualification processes varying between each country’s football associations. However, only 32 countries (plus one host nation) can qualify for the actual tournament itself.

Those 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four teams each and play a round-robin group stage to determine who advances to the knockout phase of the competition from which two finalists emerge. The final game of fifa world cup is played at a predetermined location on a specific day between those two finalists, with a capacity crowd typically in attendance.

Goals And Settings

The fifa world cup is held on a pitch separated into two halves, one for each team. There are two goal areas as well, which are guarded by towering posts with nets at the top—the goals themselves. Each team must try to get a ball into their opponent’s goal using only their feet (or head), which they do by kicking or heading it in. The matches last 90 minutes (plus stoppage time) and there are seven substitutions allowed per team.

The winner is determined by points earned through wins, draws, and losses—if both teams are tied with the same number of points after group stage play has finished, then they will proceed to knockout rounds until there’s only one remaining team left standing as champions!

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